Just a short drive away…

There are a lot of reasons why more and more individuals are simply turning to trusted Harrisburg MLS in hunt for a lot of things that they might profit from in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a matter of fact, the constant great publicities that happen to be learned from all over about this nice spot is […]

Youngs Garden

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Market last in the afternoon on a Friday, looking for someone to talk to, when I wandered up to the Youngs Garden stand. I was pulled in that direction not so much because I wanted to strike up a conversation but more because I am always […]

potatoes and radishes

New potatoes at the Fair Food Farm Stand

I spent most of the afternoon tucked away in a corner of the market, watching the bakers at Flying Monkey frost cupcakes with small, offset spatulas (I need to get one of those) and listening to the guys at the Shoe Doctor joke and laugh. Around 3:30 I was getting tired of sitting in one […]

Patterns, paths and peking duck

Today I was lucky enough to be in possession of a friends new fast and fancy Canon SLR and so I spent most of my time in the Market taking pictures instead of talking to people. Im going to have to give the camera back soon, and wanted to stock up on pictures to use […]